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Evaluation of Androgen Receptor Antagonists

Evaluation of androgen assay results using a curated Hershberger database. Kleinstreuer NC, Browne P, Chang X, Judson R, Casey W, Ceger P, Deisenroth C, Baker N, Markey K, Thomas RS. Published: 25 May 2018. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.reprotox.2018.08.017. Performance data from applying the ToxCast/Tox 21 androgen receptor model, based on 11 high throughput assays, to 39 reference chemicals.

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Chemical Name CASRN ToxCast Androgen Receptor Model Call Number of Positive Assays All Antagonist Assays Negative (T/F) Antagonist Lowest Observed Effect Level (T/F) Androgen Recptor Antagonist Activity Group Hershberger: No Observed Effect Level Hershberger: Minimum Lowest Observed Effect Level Hershberger: Median Lowest Observed Effect Level Hershberger: Maximum Lowest Observed Effect Level Pharmacokinetics: Fraction of Unbound Chemical Pharmacokinetics: Renal Clearance Pharmacokinetics: MW Pharmacokinetics: Intrinsic Clearance Source for Fraction of Unbound Chemical Source for Clearance In Vitro Activity Concentration at Cutoff: NVS_NR_hAR Activity Concentration at Cutoff: NVS_NR_cAR Activity Concentration at Cutoff: NVS_NR_rAR Activity Concentration at Cutoff: OT_AR_ARSRC1_0480 Activity Concentration at Cutoff: OT_AR_ARSRC1_0960 Activity Concentration at Cutoff: TOX21_AR_BLA_Antagonist_ratio Activity Concentration at Cutoff: TOX21_AR_LUC_MDAKB2_Antagonist2 Equivalent Administered Dose: NVS_NR_hAR Equivalent Administered Dose: NVS_NR_cAR Equivalent Administered Dose: NVS_NR_rAR Equivalent Administered Dose: OT_AR_ARSRC1_0480 Equivalent Administered Dose: OT_AR_ARSRC1_0960 Equivalent Administered Dose: TOX21_AR_BLA_Antagonist_ratio Equivalent Administered Dose: TOX21_AR_LUC_MDAKB2_Antagonist2 Equivalent Administered Dose: Median Equivalent Administered Dose: Predicted Maximum at ACC=100 uM ToxCast Agonist Area Under the Curve ToxCast Antagonist Area Under the Curve ToxCast Antagonist Confidence Score ToxCast Assay Confirmation Flag