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CEBSR: Statistically Analyzed DTT Pathology Lesions (with incidence, BMD, NEL, and LEL)

This dataset contains statistically significant lesions from DTT studies as collated in the CEBSR database, including legacy and recently reported studies. Tissue name and morphology terminology have been harmonized for this dataset. New endpoints for each lesion are available: BMD (benchmark dose), LEL (lowest effect level) and NEL (no effect level).

The data contained herein were collected in 2021 from a source now known to contain omissions.  We plan to replace with an up to date dataset in 2023.

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CEBS CAS Number CEBS Stressor Name Morphology Tissue Name Location Modifier Is Neoplastic? Species Strain Sex Dose Dose Unit Trend P-value Trend Significance Level Pairwise P-value Pairwise Significance Level Number Examined Number With Finding Best Fit Benchmark Dose Benchmark Dose (Lower Confidence Limit) Best Fit Model NEL LEL Route Vehicle Is Vehicle Control? Duration Start Date Start Year DTXSID Publication Number Accession Number Trend Test Pariwise Test BMD Original Data Download Chemtrack Number TDMS Number

Trend Significance Level: 0 = not significant, 1 =  significant at P <= 0.05, 2 = significant at P <= 0.01

Pairwise Significance Level: 1 =  significant at P <= 0.05, 2 = significant at P <= 0.01