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DTT Studies of Flame Retardants

We took as a case study the challenge to find work on flame retardants conducted by authors affiliated with the National Toxicology Program

24 NTP-authored reports
26 publications in CEBS (many conducted on libraries of compounds, some FR
23 in Pubmed (and not in CEBS)  search: (affiliation = “National Toxicology Program”) and (flame)
7 in both CEBS and PubMed

We then reviewed the abstract to identify the species, cell system, duration of exposure and assays / endpoints measured. 

Result – a data set listing 70 publications, 68 distinct chemicals or chemical mixtures, and 295 chemical/publication combination (i.e. a chemical listed in a publication)

  • Primary Search Criteria
Authors Title PMID Year Source DTXSID Studied Preferred Name CASRN Data Page Chemical Abbreviation Citation Notes Note Published Name If Different C. Elegans Planaria Zebrafish Rodent Human Tissue In Vitro Exposure Duration DTT Genetox Result DTT Bioassay Conclusion Development Differentiation Proliferation And Growth Neuronal Growth And Network Activity Genetic Toxicology Reproductive Development Behavior Immune Tumor Analysis Mitochondria Evaluation Cardiovascular TGMX PCR Metabolomics Other Methods Other Endpoints