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Hematology Individual Animal Data

This data collection contains a subset of hematology individual animal data collected over the past 30 years (1987 – 2016) by the Division of Translational Toxicology from dose-response studies. The selection criteria were studies with a single test article, route of exposure, species, and strain.

The assay names and units have been standardized. The original assay names and data are shown for traceability. Results from statistical analyses of data marked “T” in “Run Analysis” are presented in the Data Collection “Hematology Summary Data”.

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Chemical DTXSID Standard Assay Name Standard Value Standard Unit Species Strain Sex Dose Dose Unit Treatment Group Type Standard Removal Reason Route Vehicle Time In Study Time In Study Unit Standard Datum Name Start Year DTT Publication Number Study Title Standard Study Type Standard Study Domain Study Duration Subject Name Subject UID Standard Data Transformation Data Domain CASRN Study UID Depositor Study Number Original Assay Name Assay UID DT UID Datum UID Conversion Factor Original Value Original Value Unit Original Assay Input Tissue UID Standard Tissue Name Removal Reason NTP Study Type Legacy Data Domain Run Analysis