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Identification of p53 Activators in a Human Microarray Compendium, Tox21 Positive Results

Biomarkers predictive of molecular and toxicological effects are needed to interpret emerging high-throughput transcriptomic data streams. The TGx-DDI biomarker was compared to microarray data in a compendium derived from human cells using the Running Fisher test, a nonparametric correlation test. In addition, the Tox21 p53 assay examined p53 responses at multiple doses at 16 h and in parallel identified doses that were cytotoxic. This dataset contains 19 biosets that were positive in the Tox21 Assay.

  • Primary Search Criteria
Bioset name Chemical Time (hr) Concentration (uM) Study Biosource TGx-DDI Biomarker (-log(p-value)) Possible Mechanism Comments Classification According to Table S3 in Li et al. A References (PubMed ID)

A Li, H.H., Hyduke, D.R., Chen, R., Heard, P., Yauk, C.L., Aubrecht, J. and Fornace, A.J. Jr. (2015). Development of a toxicogenomics signature for genotoxicity using a dose-optimization and informatics strategy in human cells. Environ Mol Mutagen. Jul;56(6):505-19, PMID: 25733355