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Tox21 Androgen Receptor Assays and Androgen Receptor Pathway Model Dataset

Evaluation of androgen assay results using a curated Hershberger database. Kleinstreuer NC, Browne P, Chang X, Judson R, Casey W, Ceger P, Deisenroth C, Baker N, Markey K, Thomas RS. Published: 25 May 2018. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.reprotox.2018.08.017. Performance data from applying the ToxCast/Tox 21 androgen receptor model, based on 11 high throughput assays, to 39 reference chemicals.

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Record ID Citation ID Hershberger Code Citation Exclude Article Exclusion Reason Exclusion Note Chemical Name Synonym CASRN Supplier Catalogue Number Chemical Purity Rat Strain Castrated (Yes/No) Age at Castration (PND) Age at First Dose (PND) Time from Castration to First Dose (d) Dosing Duration (d) Dosing Note Dosing Route Number of Androgenic Doses Rats per Vehicle Control Group Rats per Androgen Only Group Rats per Androgenic Treatment Group Reference Androgen Reference Androgen Dose Reference Androgen Dose Route Reference Androgen Dose Route Note Number of Antiandrogen Doses Rats per Antiandrogen Negative Control Group Rats per Androgen + Antiandrogen Group Rats per Antiandrogen Treatment Group Reference Antiandrogen Reference Antiandrogen Dose Reference Anitandrogen Dose Route Androgen Coadministration Androgen Coadministration Dose Androgen Coadministration Dose Route Treatment Vehicle Control Time Between Last Dose and Necropsy Prostate Ventral Lobe Weighed Seminal Vesicle Weighed LABC Weighed Cowper's Gland Weighed Glans Penis Weighed Additional Reproductive Tissue Weighed Additional Reproductive Tissue Name Number of Additional Reproductive Tissue Weighed Total Number of Reproductive Tissues Weighed Significant Effect on Additional Reproductive Tissue Weight Response Response Notes Additional Reproductive Tissue Weight of Androgen Positve > Vehicle Control Number of Additional Reproductive Tissue Weights Significantly Increased Androgenic Response Comment Additional Reproductive Tissue Weight of Positive Antiandrogen and Androgen < Androgen Only Control Number of Additional Reproductive Tissue Weights Decreased Antiandrogenic Response Comment Hershberger No Observed Effect Level Hershberger Lowest Observed Effect Level Dose Units Pubertal/Other Assay Associated In Vitro Bichemical PBPK or Molecular Data Notes Considered for Reference Chemical Secondary Reason for Exclusion Androgenic Call Antiandrogenic Call Hershberger Total Activity Hershberger Systemic Toxicity (>10% Body Weight Decrease or >20% Liver Weight Increase) Systemic Toxicity Note Citation with Additional In Vivo Data Citation Model Exposure duration (PND) Dosing route Antiandrogenic In vivo No Observed Effect Level Antiandrogenic In vivo Lowest Observed Effect Level Other In Vivo Effects Cited Comment on Study Cited Hershberger versus In Vivo Response Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program Tier 1 Androgen Receptor Binding Activity Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program Androgen Receptor Binding Log Inhibitory Concentration 50 DSSTox GSID Number ToxCast Androgen Receptor Data ToxCast Androgen Receptor Area Under the Curve Agonist Score ToxCast Androgen Receptor Area Under the Curve Antagonist Score ToxCast Area Under the Curve Maximum Score Antagonist Confirmation Flag Antagonist Confirmation Score Androgen Receptor Model Call Number of Citations for 5-alph Reductase