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The DNTP Technical Report (TR) Level of Evidence Criteria are available here: https://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/go/baresults. In the table below this information is further delineated into three fields:

  • Level of Evidence: The overall category of evidence of carcinogenic activity for the TR, Species, Strain and Sex
  • Organ Site Call: The level of evidence supported by the specific organ site for the TR, Species, Strain and Sex. When the Organ Site Call directly supports the TR Level Of Evidence the Finding Type flag is set to “Neoplastic Lesion”. Some Organ Site Calls could support a separate call of Equivocal Evidence; this is noted in Finding Type by the flag “May Have Been Related”
  • Finding Type: Further identification of the Organ Site Call. Where this says “Neoplastic Lesion” the Organ Site Call supports the TR Level of Evidence and the Organ Site Call is the same as that of the TR. Where Finding Type says “May Have Been Related” the TR Level of Evidence for other responses led to an overall call of Clear or Some Evidence but the specified organ supports a call of Equivocal Evidence.
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  • Organ: Epididymis
  • Level of Evidence: Positive, Clear Evidence, Some Evidence
Displays results that match exactly with the given criteria.
Exact Match Publication No. CASRN Test Article Name Species Strain Sex Route Organ Level of Evidence Organ Site Call Tumor Type/Incidence Finding Type
Yes TR-374 556-52-5 Glycidol Mice B6C3F1 Male Gavage Epididymis Clear Evidence Equivocal Evidence SARCOMA 0/50 0/50 2/50 May Have Been Related
Yes TR-575 79-06-1 Acrylamide Rats F344 (NCTR) Male Dosed-Water Epididymis Clear Evidence Clear Evidence malignant mesothelioma 2/48 2/48 1/48 5/48 8/48 Neoplastic Lesions
Yes TR-588 5694-00-8 Glycidamide Rats F344 (NCTR) Male Dosed-Water Epididymis Clear Evidence Clear Evidence malignant mesothelioma 0/48 1/45 3/48 10/47 17/47 Neoplastic Lesions