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Comparative Toxicokinetics of Bisphenol S in Rats and Mice following Gavage Administration

Suramya Waidyanatha, Sherry R. Black, Melanie Silinski, Vicki Sutherland, Brenda L. Fletcher, Reshan A. Fernando, and Timothy R. Fennell
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology (2020) DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.taap.2020.115207
DOI: https://doi.org/10.22427/NTP-DATA-002-03311-0007-0000-7



Bisphenol S (BPS) is a component of polyether sulfone used in a variety of industrial applications and consumer products. We investigated the plasma toxicokinetic (TK) behavior of free (unconjugated parent) and total (parent and conjugated) BPS in rats and mice following a single gavage administration (34, 110, or 340 mg/kg). In male rats, BPS was rapidly absorbed with free BPS maximum concentration (Cmax) reached at ≤2.27 h. Elimination of free BPS in male rats was dose-dependent with estimated half-lives of 5.77–11.9 h. Cmax and area under the concentration versus time curve (AUC) increased with dose although the increase in AUC was more than dose proportional. In male rats, total BPS Cmax was reached ≤2.77 h with both Cmax (≥ 10-fold) and AUC (≥ 15-fold) higher than free BPS demonstrating rapid and extensive conjugation of BPS. In male mice, the increase in Cmax and AUC of free BPS was dose-proportional; Cmax was higher and AUC was lower than in male rats. BPS was cleared more rapidly in male mice (half-life 2.86–4.21 h) compared to male rats (half-life 5.77–11.9 h). Similar to rats, total BPS Cmax (≥ 6-fold) and AUC (≥ 12-fold) were higher than corresponding free BPS. Oral bioavailability of free BPS was low to moderate (rats, ≤ 21%; mice, ≤ 19%). There were some species differences in TK parameters of free and total BPS and limited sex difference in rats and mice. In addition, there were dose-related effects of plasma TK parameters in rats.

Plasma toxicokinetics of bisphenol S

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Summary Data - Mice

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