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CEBS Release Notes

MAY 2023 Data Release

  1. May Data Dictionary Updates
  2. Updates to Valerian Root Extract Test Article page
  3. Update DrugMatrix Page with an Additional File
  4. Release of publication "Evaluation of Immunotoxicity of Sodium Metavanadate Following Drinking Water Exposure in Female B6C3F1/N Mice in a 28-day Study"
  5. Release of publication "Short-term Toxicity Studies of Thallium (I) Sulfate Administered in Drinking Water to Sprague Dawley Rats and B6C3F1/N Mice"

APRIL 2023 Data Release

  1. April Data Dictionary Updates
  2. Release of DrugMatrix Page
  3. Updates to the publication "Reproductive and developmental toxicity following exposure to organophosphate ester flame retardants and plasticizers, triphenyl phosphate and isopropylated phenyl phosphate, in Sprague Dawley rats"
  4. Updates to NBBS Study K10482B
  5. Update to a file associated with Study G08022 for ASPERGILLUS MICRONUCLEUS

MARCH 2023 Data Release

  1. Release of publication "Evaluation of the herbicide glyphosate, (aminomethyl)phosphonic acid, and glyphosate-based formulations for genotoxic activity using in vitro assays"
  2. March Data Dictionary Updates
  3. Add additional citation link to manuscript publication page for "Evaluation of the herbicide glyphosate, (aminomethyl)phosphonic acid, and glyphosate-based formulations for genotoxic activity using in vitro assays"
  4. Release of TOX-98: Acetoin & 2,3-Pentanedione
  5. Release of the PFAS 5-Day Reports - NIEHS-07, NIEHS-08, NIEHS-09, & NIEHS-10

FEBRUARY 2023 Data Release

  1. Release of TOX-106 Vanadium Compounds
  2. Release of publication "Photodynamic Priming Overcomes Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS)-Induced Platinum Resistance in Ovarian Cancer"
  3. Update TR-598 PFOA Page
  4. Release of publication "Repeat 5-day in vivo genomic dose response studies"
  5. Release of "Benchmark Dose Analysis for Neoplastic and Non-neoplastic Lesions" as a publication page

JANUARY 2023 Data Release

  1. January Data Dictionary Updates
  2. Publication Updates
  3. Release of publication "Transcriptional pathways linked to fetal and maternal hepatic dysfunction caused by gestational exposure to perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) or hexafluoropropylene oxide-dimer acid (HFPO-DA or GenX) in CD-1 mice"

NOVEMBER 2022 Data Release

  1. Gwinn Paper Updates
  2. November Data Dictionary Updates
  3. Correct Typo of Pentabromodiphenyl Oxide to Pentabromodiphenyl Ether
  4. PFAS PCR data labeling File Update
  5. New Dataset Compiling Data on Flame Retardants

OCTOBER 2022 Data Release

  1. TOX-104/105 Release
  2. NIEHS-02, NIEHS-03, NIEHS-04, NIEHS-05, NIEHS-06 (aromatic phosphate 5-day reports) release
  3. Genetox File Update for Sulfolane (G11054C)
  4. Di(n-hexyl)phthalate K10996 ADME File Update
  5. Apply updates to Flame Retardants page on CEBS

SEPTEMBER 2022 Data Release

  1. DART-08 Release

AUGUST 2022 Data Release

  1. Data Dictionary (August Updates)
  2. Data were incorrectly placed on a test article page with incorrect CAS number. This has been rectified and data are now shown on the correct page.

JULY 2022 Data Release

  1. Re-Release of TOX-96 and TOX-97
  2. Data Dictionary (July Updates)
  3. Update DART-05 and DART-06 abstract links
  4. Fluorotelomer alcohol 8+2 (678-39-7) Page Update
  5. Release Tox21 Purity
  6. Genetic Toxicity Evaluation of tris(Chloropropyl)phosphate (13674-84-5) in Micronucleus Study G20263B in B6C3F1 Mice to Equivocal for Male Mice
  7. Linked Expression Studies, Additional studies added to the Expression Studies Dataset

JUNE 2022 Data Release

  1. Release of NTP Publication TOX-103 (Ionic Liquids)
  2. Release of NTP Publication DART-05 (2-Hydroxy-4-methoxybenzophenone)
  3. Release of NTP Publication DART-06 (2-Ethylhexyl p-Methoxycinnamate)
  4. Release of NTP Publication NIEHS-01 NIEHS Report on Evaluating Features and Application of Neurodevelopmental Tests in Epidemiological Studies
  5. Release of publication "Whole-body inhalation exposure to 2-ethyltoluene for two weeks produced nasal lesions in rats and mice"
  6. Updates to DNTP Data Dictionary for Modifiers and Locators

MAY 2022 Data Release

  1. Update data on DNTP Data Dictionary
  2. Added page for past terminology for DNTP Data Dictionary
  3. Release of publication " The common indoor air pollutant α-pinene is metabolized to a genotoxic metabolite α-pinene oxide"
  4. Updated name of Expression Study Catalog to Expression Studies, Supporting Data
  5. Linked Expression Studies, Supporting Data to the Expression Studies Dataset
  6. Release Data for "Genetic Toxicity Evaluation of N-Ethyl-N-nitrosourea (759-73-9) in Micronucleus Study G11185 in Male Harlan Sprague Dawley Rats"
  7. Updated result of Gentox study G07018B. Changed result for Female Mice to Negative to match the report
  8. Updated Organ Sites with Neoplasia search results to include the "Organ Site Call", as well as the Level of Evidence for the Overall Category of carcinogenicity, for the TR, Species, Strain, and Sex.
  9. Updated the Bioassay Genetox Conclusion Dataset to include data from newly released Genetox studies mentioned above
  10. Updated the In Vivo Micronucleus Dataset to include data from newly released Genetox studies mentioned above
  11. Release of publication "Select Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Induce Resistance to Carboplatin in Ovarian Cancer Cell Lines"

APRIL 2022 Data Release

  1. DNTP Data Dictionary
  2. Expression Study Catalog
  3. Publication A high-throughput toxicity screen of 42 per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and functional assessment of migration and gene expression in human placental trophoblast cells by Bevin Blake, Brittany P. Rickard, and Suzanne E. Fenton

MARCH 2022 Data Release

  1. Added Benchmark Response (BMR) Table to publication Developmental NeuroToxicity Data Integration and Visualization Enabling Resource (DNT-DIVER).

FEBRUARY 2022 Data Release

  1. Data for the following publications:
    • TR-599
    • TR-600
    • TR-601
    • TOX-14
    • TOX-54
    • TOX-59
    • TOX-71
    • TOX-73
    • TOX-79
    • TOX-102
    • DART-07

  2. Re-release of Artificial Butter Flavorings and related pages

  3. Searchable and Filterable Excel files added to NTP Provantis Glossaries for Clinical observations, Fetal Pathology and Measurements and Endpoints

  4. The following updates were made to Genetox Conclusion Dataset

    • "Multiple LOE Conclusion" column is used to show chemically-related neoplastic effects in studies showing multiple chemical related neoplastic effect
    • DTXSID (DSSTox substance identifier) was added
    • Dataset was updated with conclusions from recent NTP Technical Reports (e.g. TR-599, TR-600, TR-601)
    • Not a Valid Test, or No Call were removed from legacy genetox conclusions
    • Nonstandard Protocol note was removed from older genetox conclusions
    • Conclusions for bioassay fish studies were removed
    • Conclusions of Tox21 studies were removed

  5. Release of data for publication titled "Latent, sex-specific metabolic health effects in CD-1 mouse offspring exposed to PFOA or HFPO-DA (GenX) during gestation"

  6. Updated abstract link for publication "Final Report on the Developmental Toxicity of 1,4-Butanediol in Swiss (CD-1) Mice"