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alpha-Pinene (80-56-8)

Study Results

Genetic Toxicology

An overview of Genetic Toxicology Micronucleus Mice study conclusions related to alpha-Pinene (80-56-8).
Micronucleus - Mice
  • Male: Negative
    Female: Negative
An overview of Genetic Toxicology Bacterial Mutagenicity study conclusions related to alpha-Pinene (80-56-8).
Bacterial Mutagenicity
  • Negative

Citation Information

NTP. alpha-Pinene (80-56-8). Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS). Research Triangle Park, NC (USA): National Toxicology Program (NTP).


TOX-81 Toxicity Studies of α-Pinene (CAS No. 80-56-8) Administered by Inhalation to F344/N Rats and B6C3F1/N Mice
Toxicokinetic evaluation of the common indoor air pollutant, α-pinene, and its potential reactive metabolite, α-pinene oxide, following inhalation exposure in rodents Suramya Waidyanatha, Michael Hackett, Sherry R. Black, Timothy R. Fennell, Mathew D. Stout, Melanie R. Silinski, Scott L. Watson, Joseph Licause, Veronica G. Robinson, Barney Sparrow, Reshan A. Fernando, Stephen Cooper and Cynthia V. Rider

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22427/NTP-DATA-002-03031-0014-0000-4
The common indoor air pollutant α-pinene is metabolized to a genotoxic metabolite α-pinene oxide Suramya Waidyanatha, Sherry R. Black, Kristine L. Witt, Timothy R. Fennell, Carol Swartz, Leslie Recio, Scott L. Watson, Purvi R. Patel, Reshan A. Fernando, and Cynthia V. Rider

Taylor & Francis Online (2022) DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/00498254.2022.2070047 PMID: 35473450
DOI: https://doi.org/10.22427/NTP-DATA-002-03031-0019-0000-9

Study Data

Toxicity and Carcinogenicity Studies

3-Month Evaluation of the Toxicity (C20302) of alpha-Pinene (80-56-8) in F344/N Rats via Nose-Only Respiratory Exposure
3-Month Evaluation of the Toxicity (C20302) of alpha-Pinene (80-56-8) in B6C3F1 Mice via Nose-Only Respiratory Exposure

Genetic Toxicology Studies

Genetic Toxicity Evaluation of alpha-Pinene (80-56-8) in Micronucleus Study A82162 in B6C3F1 Mice
Genetic Toxicity Evaluation of alpha-Pinene in Salmonella/E.coli Mutagenicity Test or Ames Test. Study A29697
Summary Data